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Our Services

Voice Recognition

We offer full speech support including training data, transcription, segmentation, ambient noise collections, and filtering

Linguistic Services

Our linguistic service offering includes spelling and autocomplete, computational linguistics, and semantic annotation

Search Relevance

We evaluate search engines for search relevance, ads engines, and multimedia retrieval systems

Social Media

We evaluate social content for newsfeed preferences, hate speech monitoring, and moderation and sentiment Analysis

Augmented Reality

With state of the art AR technology, we offer facial recognition data collection, human gesture annotation, image and video labelling; including boundary box and categorization

Location and Maps

We provide location context–aware annotation for route review, data verification, and mapping accuracy

Curated Crowd Engineering

Data quality, cost and completion time are the key parameters for a successful outcome. We understand the need to match the correct annotator to each project and our team is experience and skilled in doing just that.

With our Crowd Management capabilities we guarantee your data will meet your project needs. We offer many different options in our Crowd offering all tailored to meet your desired goal. Our offering are from fully remote, hybrid and on-site

Remote Crowd

We curate qualified resources based on your specific project requirements

Secure Crowd

Specially identified and certified resources located at one of DataRoo secure facilities

On-Site Workers

We recruit the best qualified resources to work at our physical or customer’s facility

On Demand Crowd

Resources readily available 24/7 for simple annotations that can cater to on demand requirements

Customer Resources

Your own internal resources using DataRoo technology and services for data annotation projects

We've got you covered

We've got the speed, quality, scale, and security to ensure that your data is of the highest quality.


With algorithms that are are optimised to ensure efficiency, our platform has the capabilities to handle large scale data collection and annotation at fast speeds.


We have placed multiple quality control methods and mechanisms at each step of the process ensuring your data meets and exceed quality standards.


With our robust infrastructure in place, we are confident in our platform's capabilities in handling large volumes of images, text, audio and video.


We offer you multiple robust and secure services, be it remote or on-site.